Tossing for Greybots

Cornhole tournament raises roughly $4,000 for team

ATASCADERO - The Atascadero High School Greybots Robotic Team raised approximately $4,000, on Saturday, as 128 teams of competitors slung cloth bags filled with corn kernels in the City’s Sunken Gardens Park.

The 3rd Annual Showdown Cornhole Tournament ran from from 8 a.m. to just before 5 p.m. on Sept. 22 with teams playing for a cash prize and proceeds for the main event going to the Greybots Robotics Team No. 973.
Adult teams paid $40 per person, $80 per pair, to make up the cash stake and other local charitable organizations got in on the action as well with a few pay-to-play games on the side.

Event-goers tried their luck at getting their tosses to stay perched atop the head of “Joie the killer whale,” so named in a fundraiser drawing, as well as trying not to topple two “not-Jenga” towers near the fountain.

Vendors said spectator turnout was lower this year compared to last, with the hot day possibly playing a factor, nevertheless, visitors came from as far as Ventura to see the event and to take part, with several showing up for a themed costume contest.

The Greybots put together their own entry once again this year, with a remote-controlled pneumatic cannon refining its play throughout the day.


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