We're running out of time

Are you as fed up with the national political scene as I am? After the national election upset in 2016 I had a glimmer of hope that the agenda of the liberal-progressive juggernaut had derailed, if only temporarily. Perhaps our liberty would be preserved for awhile longer.

It’s August, eight plus months later. Each week we hope that those we’ve elected will fulfill a promise, check the radicals who’ve seized control of the Democrat Party and begin the process of national restoration of rational economic, social and national security policies. If only it were so.

I’m not particularly surprised by the actions of Republican Senator John McCain. He displayed enormous physical and moral courage during the Vietnam War, was severely tortured by the communists that he lost the use of one arm, a disability he usually conceals.

His political record as a conservative is disappointing. He’s far more liberal on issues, except national security, than his contemporaries in the Senate. He “likes being liked” by the media, frequently departing from the conservative fold. He’s done this repeatedly, such as joining liberals to thwart conservative efforts to place “constitutional originalists” on the federal bench.

What McCain did last week on a national health care bill, joining the Democrats, is consistent with his past voting record. Two other erstwhile conservative Senators, from Maine and Alaska, joined with Democrats to block any reform of “Obamacare” regardless of the financial pain being inflicted on millions of Americans. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing for millions while millions more have only one insurance provider left. Across the nation, the “Affordable Care Act” is collapsing of its own bureaucratic weight, a factor some say was deliberate to force single-payer, government-run socialized medicine upon the American people by default.

I’ve lived under socialized medicine in the military. It provides a basic level of care to all, but with flaws. One was sezeing a different doctor every time you went to a clinic, which impacted continuity of care. My daughter nearly lost her hearing as a result of failure to maintain continuity of care when she endured 17 ear infections over a year. When sent home for a summer visit to her grandparents from our overseas posting, she was hospitalized almost immediately for an operation to insert tubes into her ears. Our civilian pediatrician told my wife our daughter was going deaf from the failure of the military health system to properly diagnose her condition.

That is one of the major flaws of socialized health systems; diagnoses and diagnostic equipment is a serious shortfall, as is the availability of specialists with months required to obtain authorization for specialist treatment, if it comes at all. The Canadian socialized medical system prohibits its citizens from paying for extra specialized treatment via out-of-pocket or individual insurance on the grounds that it wouldn’t be fair for someone to pay for something on their own not available to everyone else. Diagnostic equipment, like MRI’s, are limited, thus Canadians frequently come to America to receive diagnostic and specialized treatment not available under their socialized medical health system. Liberal-Progressive Democrats would like to bring that system to America.

California is heading in that direction on its own with legislation pending to provide “Medicare for all.” The cost is estimated to be $400 billion a year; our current state budget is only $180 billion a year. Implementation of this utopian medical system would require tripling the California state budget and imposing enormous tax rates upon individuals, not just corporations or the “rich,” the panacea of all liberal-progressive fantasies. Democrats ignore the fact that the top one percent of California’s “rich taxpayers” already pay 50 percent of California’s taxes. Do they really believe these people will stick around to have the legislature “stick it to them” again? California “Medicare for all” will absorb all the revenues currently available for education, law enforcement, firefighting, environmental programs, etc. There will be nothing left for any other budget item and like Medicare, will likely explode in costs well beyond the initial $400 billion price tag.

On other fronts, the national media is obsessed with any trivial item that might discredit or indict the president or destroy his administration, regardless of the cost to the nation. If you haven’t noticed, that North Korean maniac successfully launched a missile capable of putting a nuclear warhead on any California city. He threatens to do just that to America if we attempt to thwart his warmongering goals towards South Korea, Japan, etc. The last time we were so obsessed with trivia, during the Clinton years, another monster plotted to destroy the World Trade Center.  We were asleep that bright, sunny Tuesday morning when our world turned upside down. In 2001, terrorists destroyed a ten-block area and killed 3,000 people; next time it could be a million Californians.

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