Women's water polo almost overlook Morro Bay

Play sloppy in wake of big win against Righetti

ATASCADERO — On Tuesday of last week the Atascadero women’s water polo team won one of its biggest games in the past decade. The Greyhounds beat Righetti at home and simultaneously earned a top 10 ranking in the CIF Southern Section Division 5. Atascadero has had their sights set on Righetti for years especially this senior class that was brought up as sophomores.

The giant emotional win on Tuesday paired with a good, but smaller Morro Bay team coming to play on Thursday made a perfect recipe for an emotional hangover. The Greyhounds looked unmotivated and uninterested in their division seven opponent in the first half. After one-quarter of play the Hounds only led 2-0 and the tension in the air became palpable as the Greyhounds continued to play lackadaisical.

“I think we were a little full of ourselves,” Evy Cooper said. “We knew it was going to be an easier game so we came out flat.”

Cooper kept the Greyhounds on track by scoring three of the team’s four first-half goals.

At halftime Head Coach Jon Conrad could be heard on the pool deck telling his girls that whoever wants to work hardest is going to win this game. Atascadero responded by coming out in the second half and putting four goals in the net in the third quarter.

“It is the emotional hangover,” Conrad said. “It's the big win on Tuesday, it’s kind of a natural thing, you see it in professional sports all the time too. Professional athletes that just come out flat and it just happened with us and I hold them to that level. I want them to play like professionals. I want them to have high expectations for themselves.”

The Greyhounds were able to raise their energy level and their offense in the second half and escaped with a win in a trap game scenario, 10-4.

“I think like our coach said, we had a game-high after Righetti and I think he was really right about that,” Abby Wright said. “But I think we definitely picked it up in the second half and definitely wanted to win. We should have won by more but we have to work on things over break.”

Evy Cooper finished the game as the Hounds scoring leader with three goals while Brooke Story and Abby Wright added two goals of their own. Tina Bell took two shots from goal against the Pirates and had one blocked and the other missed just left of the bottom corner of the goal.

The Hounds play at home again on New Year's Eve when they host the Arroyo Grande Eagles.


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