When we started this fantastic journey into journalism and media more than 10 years ago, we never dreamed we would be here now.

We discussed a dream of creating print publications that celebrated the greatness that fills our wonderful communities. We tucked that idea in our pocket and began working toward the dream.

Mattson Fam 2016

It’s been an interesting ride that has been anything but a straight line. In fact, the journey has been complete with such inconceivable twists that in hindsight, we are settled with no other answer than it was meant to be — but it was no accident on our part.

What we didn’t realize we were signing up for is the year 2020, as it is currently being drafted. Of all things, watching the world battle a pandemic and the United States — including our quiet corner of the world — splinter apart along sharp lines. No matter what a person’s political or social views, the ability and willingness to negotiate and discuss solutions across divides is the height of human genius. Beyond science and engineering, the art of bringing people together is the apex. Not just bringing a group together under a flag, but in bringing opposite sides and multiple flags together under a common goal, despite differences.

And not only in the public forum as performance art but in silent darkness where nothing is seen but the product of sacrifice and compromise.

We dreamed of bringing the community together by presenting the glory of itself in its entirety. Over the 10 years, we worked countless hours with nonprofits, meeting people who helped people who needed help. The cross-section of human beings we encountered ran the spectrum, end to end, and each one inspired us.

Each one is part of our community. Each one is why we publish all our publications, including The Atascadero News, The Paso Robles Press, Paso Robles Magazine, Colony Magazine, Central Coast TRVLR + VINO, Morro Bay Life, and Avila Beach Life. Each one is why we continue to fight for our dream through the emotional and financial challenges that 2020 has brought to us.

From step to step in this journey, we have been confronted with uncertainty. For us, faith is not an absence of fear, but a journey forward despite all fears. Our journey is a walk-in faith in something that is greater than that which stands in our way. It is not even such that we know where we are going, but more an understanding that we know what we are supposed to do along the way.

Our declared purpose is to make communities better through print. It is that purpose that drives us to put pen to paper and publish our content.

We continue to do so in this time of massive angst. We do so in faith that despite our human failings, we are fulfilling our commitment to that which was given to us.

Our time and age is unlike anything ever seen, and we are blessed with the challenge of documenting this time for history to look back on — not as prisoners of the moment, but as agents of independence.

Stronger together,

Hayley & Nicholas Mattson, 13 Stars Media Owners and Publishers

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