Those we love don’t go away;
They walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard but always near.
Sill loved, still missed, and very dear.

Wishing us hope in the midst of sorrow,
Offering comfort in the midst of pain, both today and tomorrow

We know it is a tough time when someone we love passes. It is a time for sadness, and a time for remembrance. It brings joy to remember the good times together, and it eases the burden to share in our losses.

Thank you for choosing the Paso Robles Press and Atascadero News to publish the obituary for your loved one. We care to honor your loss with a sharing of the love they gave to those they touched when they lived. Please use the form below to submit your obituary to the newspaper.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 805-466-2585 or email