Goal is to help 200 businesses by February 2025

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce is launching a new program called Get Your Business Online! to assist small businesses in North County with establishing an online presence through the creation and management of their own websites. The program is led by Jose Guadarrama, the chamber’s bilingual program manager.

Through Get Your Business Online! participants receive an intake assessment, basic website training, sign-up forms, and a variety of digital tools and resources — all provided for free. However, businesses will need to cover domain and hosting costs. Additional information can be found at getyourbusinessonline.com.

“Having a digital-marketing-savvy mind, grit, leadership, and a passionate heart, one can achieve greatness in the business community,” stated Guadarrama. “Anything is possible with an open and innovative mind.” 


For further inquiries, individuals can connect with Guadarrama at jose@atascaderochamber.org, text (818) 533-6011, or schedule a consultation meeting at koalendar.com/e/meet-with-program-specialist.

Recognizing the importance of technical skills training for all businesses, Atascadero Chamber President and CEO Josh Cross identified the need for this program.

“Many business owners are trying to navigate the basics of digital literacy while juggling other aspects of their business,” he said. “To date, Jose has already assisted in creating 18 websites through Get Your Business Online!, and we’re just getting started on our goal to help 200 by February 2025.”

“I am deeply motivated to support our small business community,” said Guadarrama. “What excites me the most about my job is the people! I look forward to engaging in new conversations and expanding our network each week.”

In a recent announcement, the Chamber revealed its merger with the Hispanic Business Association (HBA). The goals of this merger are to provide Hispanic business owners with enhanced expertise and resources, strengthen the Chamber’s presence within the Hispanic business community, and increase the visibility of the Atascadero Chamber in the North County.

To learn more about the Hispanic Business Association, its history, mission, and membership process, please visit hba-cc.org. For inquiries, individuals can reach out to Maria Elena Garcia, a representative of the Association, at (805) 835-7900 or mariamkpink@yahoo.com.

“I am thrilled by the merger between our chamber and the Hispanic Business Association, and I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the vibrant and diverse Hispanic community,” expressed Guadarrama. “This merger not only benefits Hispanic businesses but also creates an opportunity to strengthen and empower the entire community.”