Pumpkin carving can get a little expensive and messy. And most times I find myself doing all the not so fun parts … the cutting and gut digging! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the tradition and we continue to do it every year, BUT we just thought we could try some different Halloween Crafts. Pumpkin painting, pumpkin decorating (sticking those Mr. Potato Head ears and eyes in them) … been there, done that!
It’s all fun, but this year we decided to try something totally different: mason jar luminaries. If glass may be a concern with your little ones, try this with clear plastic jars and, of course, the small battery operated candles. All within the budget at the dollar store. You can still have something cute (and SPOOKY) to light up your porch for those cute (and SPOOKY) trick-or-treaters.
I loved hearing all of the ideas that were popping up as we brainstormed what we were going to design on our jar. We tried spelling out (short) words, creating a spooky scene, or making a jack-o-lantern by cutting the shapes out of duct tape. We also came up with so many other uses as we were making them: storage for your Halloween candy keepers or a cute and unique way to wrap a sweet treat for the neighbors or for your favorite teacher!
Halloween Crafts
STEP 1: Prep the jars by washing them with soapy water. Rinse well as to make sure there is no soap residue left behind. Alcohol works well at getting off any adhesive and will also remove any oils so the
stickers will stick.
STEP 2: Once they are dry, place sticker(s) on your mason jar. Make sure they are large enough to make a good shape.
STEP 3: With a spray can or flat brush apply a layer of acrylic paint to the OUTSIDE of each jar. One layer is best so you don’t have a problem seeing the candle light
through the jar.
STEP 4: Allow the paint to dry completely (preferably overnight). Carefully peel the stickers off. Add a tea light inside (or battery-operated light). My son had a brilliant idea to place a glow stick inside for a
different effect.
Enjoy inside or out! Happy Halloween! Find me on Instagram @popex3