I commend the Atascadero News for taking a stand. I’ve been waiting for years to see the News take a stand — on anything.

You have demonstrated to me that you have brought the newspaper back from the brink and for that I commend you. I’m not out to discredit the work Terri Banish does in her role as a deputy city manager. She’s fantastic.

Your op-ed piece demonstrates that you are brave enough to take on such an issue. Naming a person as Citizen of the Year is not to be taken lightly. As a recipient of the Citizen of the Year, I felt the weight of the honor. When someone was honored with the same award years later, I ran my plaque repeatedly through my table saw.


Being unsigned, the op-ed piece obviously represents the Atascadero News. I don’t know who makes up your editorial board, but thanks for doing what a newspaper is supposed to do, report the news and raise hell when it becomes necessary.

Lon Allen,
Atascadero, Ca