I have lived on the Central Coast since 2006 and in Atascadero since 2009. I have watched with dismay as all of our branches of government have succumbed to the tidal wave of money that has been unleashed by the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

The reasoning that money is speech is unfortunately true. Because our elections and political processes are essentially advertising campaigns, it is no surprise that laws passed and judicial decisions made tend to favor corporations and wealthy citizens who have the most money to spend promoting what they want.

This problem has been known since the ancient Greek city states and the Roman Empire. There is always a tension between wealthy citizens and those of more modest means for power and control. If we are to have democracy we need to have a constitutional amendment that makes it possible for Congress and the states to enact sensible regulations for campaign spending.


Congress must support H.J.Res.2 to pass the Democracy for All Constitutional Amendment.

Michael Swan,