Genesis 45:1-28

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Dr. Gary Baker is an independent columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email him at

One of the most comforting truths in the Holy Bible is the fact that God has a wonderful plan for the life of every believer. Theologians refer to this as the “decree of God” and is commonly known as the “will of God.” The Bible teaches that God in His omniscience and omnipotence gives guidance to a believer who desires to do God’s will. These truths occurred in the life of the Old Testament patriarch Joseph. He was sold as a slave to Egypt by his brothers and then became a prisoner. God enabled Joseph to interpret two dreams that Pharaoh the King of Egypt had concerning the future prosperity and famine in Egypt. As a result, Pharaoh made Joseph his prime minister in charge of storing and selling grain when seven years of famine came. This famine brought Joseph’s brothers to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph had not seen his brothers for over twenty years and when they met Joseph, they didn’t recognize him but Joseph knew who they were.

Through a series of events that Joseph planned, his brothers acknowledged their past sin against him. In a personal meeting with all of his brothers, Joseph personally revealed his true identity (Genesis 45:1-4). When this occurred, his brothers were “terrified in his presence.” I’m sure they were afraid of what Joseph would do to them as the prime minister who had the authority to execute all of them. Joseph’s gracious response to their fear is one of the greatest examples of kindness and forgiveness recorded in the Bible (Genesis 45:5-8). Joseph didn’t seek revenge or punishment because God had given him a divine perspective of the events of his life. God was the one responsible for sending him to Egypt for the purpose of preserving and prospering the lives of his family. God had exalted Joseph as the prime minister so that he could be a source of great blessing to his family. Joseph wept with great joy over being restored to his beloved father. Joseph’s plan with Pharaoh’s approval, was to bring his entire family to Egypt and settle them in the fertile land of Goshen. Joseph instructed his brothers to return to Canaan and tell his father Jacob his plans. Joseph would become the great deliverer and provider of his family (Genesis 45:9-28).

Lessons to be Learned

  1. God’s divine plan for a believer will control everything that will occur in his life.
  2. God’s divine plan can turn seemingly evil and harmful things into beneficial and blessed things.
  3. God’s divine plan gives a believer the confidence that all things will work out for GOOD for
    those who love and serve God (Genesis 45:5-7, Romans 8:28).
  4. Having a divine perspective of life will prevent a believer from seeking revenge and produce a kind and gracious spirit of forgiveness in his life. (Ephesians 4:31-32). A divine perspective of life will give a believer peace, joy and fearlessness.