On Monday, Dec. 7, our friend LaDonna White of LaDonna’s Restaurant downtown Atascadero lost her husband and business partner Aaron Ezell.

According to the “Go Fund Me” that was started in the wake of his passing by a family friend Joanna Nowinski, Aaron woke up with chest pains. LaDonna immediately drove him to Twin Cities Hospital.

Joanna stated that Aaron had a massive heart attack, and after several attempts to save his life, Aaron passed away.

LaDonna shared on her social media page, “I lost my husband Aaron suddenly this morning, and our restaurant lost the best bartender. Thank you to everyone who loved him, supported him, and praised his skills. He truly loved you!”


Joanna shared that due to COVID-19 restrictions, LaDonna and Aaron put everything they had into just staying open. And as with most businesses during this time, there is very little money, if any, leftover to cover daily expenses, let alone a tragedy.

As many of us know, Aaron loved being a bartender and running the restaurant with his wife.

Back in July of 2019, Aaron shared with us, “I make cocktails as beautiful and tasty as possible, and I enjoy seeing our guests’ reactions. With everything we do, LaDonna and I believe presentation makes a big difference on how one perceives the flavors, whether it’s the dish or the glass it’s served in. We have this unique ebb and flow between us — we do every single aspect of this restaurant ourselves, and we work so well together.”

Our heart breaks for LaDonna and her family; after such a devastating year, we send her prayers, love, and light through this difficult time.

As of today, the funeral relief fund that was set up by LaDonna’s dear friend is at $16,600 if you wish to donate to her visit “Funeral and hospital for LaDonna’s Husband Aaron.”