The elections are over, and while the final counts are yet to be determined, the tides appear not to favor Ellen Beraud in her campaign to replace Debbie Arnold. I am saddened by this fact, as, in my opinion, her views of the future were much more optimistic and hopeful, and based on fact and science and input from all. Alas, not enough voters shared those visions.

Politics are a messy business, we get all excited about things, have huge disagreements, spend a ton of money, and then it’s over for a couple years. Then we settle down, go about our lives, and start the process all over again. Democracy, gotta love it, but as Winston Churchill is reported to have said “that democracy is the worst form of Government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”.

As is usually the case in any contest, both sides won some, and lost some, both locally and statewide, in these recent elections. And while there is intense joy or sorrow (depending on your viewpoints) felt by many people, it is important to remember that this back and forth process is what we do, it’s how we make our system work, by eventually balancing out the excesses of one point of view with the ballots of those with other viewpoints.

I personally am looking forward to some time off from the hectic activities of campaigns, and getting caught up on a long list of chores. Life goes on, and it’s still a good life. The kids are healthy, the daffodils are delightfully exploding by the thousands from their winter sleep, and the renewal of Spring is once again on us. And while working on Ellen’s campaign, I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the finest people, who care about a future for all of us, and are willing to work hard to achieve it. Thank you, all you Proud Democrats (and others). Thank you for having a vision of the future that is generous and optimistic.


By nature, I must be an optimist also, as tomorrow we start planting dozens of redwoods and Fall Color trees around the property. At my age, I’m not planting them for myself, but for those who follow. Much like my political inclinations, I guess.