In my lifetime, I’ve experienced, to one degree or another, the administrations of 13 presidents. Some were very good, inspirational, and even globally admired. Some were not so good, and a few were terrible. The Biden administration is the worst yet, even worse than Obama, who had a unique opportunity to unite and inspire the nation but chose to take the low road and divide us along racial lines. Joe Biden’s presidency is even worse as he surrendered his mantle of leadership to the most extreme, hyper-partisan leftists in the Democrat Party.

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Al Fonzi is an independent opinion columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email him at

The State of the Union speech Biden gave last week was despicable, angry, and deliberately insulting; I’ve never seen a president attack the Justices of the Supreme Court in so vicious a manner. It was unpresidential as Biden attacked the Court as an institution before the world in a forum where the Justices if they had desired, were unable to respond. Regardless of one’s position on the legal decisions of the Court, insulting the Justices as they were required to sit silent was rude in the extreme. It is one of the reasons that not all the Justices attend and after former President Obama engaged in similar behavior, Justice Alito stopped attending, period.

We watched a man who normally had difficulty completing a sentence, let alone a paragraph, present a very animated figure to the nation; I can only wonder what medications were administered to him to allow him to function in such a dynamic manner. Surely, it was more than hatred of his political opponents. Will this be the figure we observe during the remainder of the year during the presidential campaign? If this is the true Joe Biden, or is he now, as the White House has asserted, completely mentally capable of performing the duties of the president? Is he able to debate his political opponent, so the nation may make an informed choice next November as to whom will lead this nation? Is he, contrary to the special counsels’ conclusion, mentally capable of standing trial for his illegal removal of classified documents from controlled facilities while a U.S. Senator and Vice-President?


Unlike a president, while in those positions Biden was not authorized to remove classified documents from a Special Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), which he did in an illegal manner. Quite simply, he stole classified documents and hid them in his personal files. 

I listened to a man boast of his economic non-achievements. His deficit reduction was actually recovered funding from Covid along with his job creation, which consisted of jobs recovered after people returned to work after Covid. Very few actual head-of-household jobs are being created as economic growth has consistently underperformed. Under Biden, the cost of living for average Americans year over year has increased over 17 percent, a direct result of Biden’s war on fossil fuels and relentless pursuit of top-down government mandates on conversion of the economy to an all-electric economy. The green energy technology and the electrical grid aren’t yet capable of such a transition and the people aren’t buying it; car dealerships are refusing to take on additional electric vehicles as the public won’t or can’t buy them. Anyone who doubts this stagnation of the economy, the real economy we all have to live in, (not the stock market) need only go to a grocery store, put gas in their car, pay a utility bill or try to buy a house to feel the economic pain being deliberately inflicted upon the American people.

We also owe about $33 trillion in debt and will likely reach $50 trillion within a decade, yet Biden continues to advance budget giveaways while ignoring vital national interests. The interest on the national debt now exceeds the entire defense budget which has consistently declined on Biden’s watch. This fiscal year Biden’s defense budget will be frozen for another year regardless of external national threats that are increasing and dangerous to the survival of the nation. When accounting for inflation, the effect on national defense equates to budget cuts in logistics and training, further reducing the readiness of a military force whose survival in a near future conflict with multiple peer competitors is in serious question. We are in greater danger now than at any time since the height of the Cold War.

Biden glossed over America’s real problems, some of which were outlined above. The most serious domestic problem he failed to address in real terms is that the U.S. Southern border has degenerated into chaos since he assumed office. Biden canceled every effective border policy on his first day of duty via executive orders and has deliberately impeded any effort to secure the borders of this nation. Under 8 U.S.C. 1182 and 8 U.S.C. 1185, the president has the authority to suspend aliens from entry into the country; he needs no further authorization from Congress despite his repeated claims to the contrary. No nation can absorb 10 million people in three years. We’re no longer a nation with immense manufacturing capacity to absorb millions of unskilled workers, nor do we have a vast continent to populate as we did in the 19th century. Illegal immigrants, by the hundreds of thousands, live on our streets, impoverished and exploited by Biden’s indifference to their suffering and the devastation being inflicted upon the American people. The real problem is that Biden doesn’t get it and he never will.