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Rev. Elizabeth Rowley is an independent columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email her at revelizabeth@cccsl.org.

Imagine a pie, any pie at all. It could be a pizza, a cherry pie, a sweet potato pie, or whatever.

Take a thin slice of that pie and consider it to be what you know, and you know that you know. For example, I know how to tie my shoes, swim, how to pray, and read. I know that I know these things.

Take another thin slice of that pie and consider that to represent all that you don’t know – it’s everything you know that you do not know. For example, I don’t know much about rocket science, how to perform brain surgery, or speak Mandarin. I know that I do not know these things.

The rest of the pie is everything you don’t know that you don’t know. You can’t know what you don’t know, you know? Consider this vast realm of possibility of what we don’t know that we don’t know as the realm of Divine Intelligence, where our potential resides. It’s the kingdom of limitless possibility and infinite potentiality.
Remember this when you feel the most stuck in your life. Remember that something radically new and magnificent is available to you that you don’t know about yet. It exists in the infinite and limitless realm of the Divine. This is the place we’re invited to open to as we do the visioning process.


There’s a difference between the practice of visualization and visioning, both powerful tools.

Visualization is selecting from that which is already in and of the world. You can visualize only that which you already know. Visualization is what we do with vision boards, intentions, goals, and brainstorming.

Visioning is opening to divine inspiration. It allows us to catch something new from the realm of infinite potentiality, other than what we can currently see in and of the world and what’s unfolding in our lives. Visioning is a receptive state used to catch a vision for your life outside of your current awareness and understanding of yourself. “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” [Hebrews 11:3]

Live in the question, “What is Spirit’s highest idea of itself as my life?” Listen with your inner ear, which is the Divine within, forever seeking to express itself in, through, and as you. Believe that you are being guided by Spirit now and that the Universe is working for you. As you receive divine inspiration, thank the Universe for the revelation of its radiant magnificence as you. Brand new and beyond what you could have possibly imagined with your current thinking.

Theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, observed: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Similarly, suppose we are to be made new and experience lasting spiritual transformation in our lives. In that case, let us remain open to Spirit’s highest idea of itself as us – something new, beyond what we currently know.

And so it is.