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Al Fonzi is an independent opinion columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email him at

Two weeks into the Biden presidency, those who’ve been politically asleep are likely reaching for a bottle of antacid tablets. Who would have thought that he would actually carry out the most extreme demands of the angry, delusional Left?

In his first week in office, President Biden has put more Americans out of work via executive orders (governing by fiat) than any other president managed to accomplish in their first year in office. Signing 40 executive orders on a multitude of subjects, Biden exploded campaign promises to return the country to normalcy and to observe the role of the legislature in making national policy.

He promised not to end fracking nor destroy the fossil fuel industry while campaigning, promises made to Pennsylvanian union workers, then banned new oil and gas leases on federal lands and prohibiting fracking. His bans affect private lands and Native American lands’; royalties and state balance sheets depend upon resource extraction. States heavily dependent upon fossil fuel extraction include Democratic strongholds like New Mexico, which derives about 1/3 of their budget from oil/gas royalties. Nearly 2 million workers are directly impacted by his bans, which also terminated the XL Keystone Pipeline project, which was to bring oil from Canada through America to Gulf ports. Environmental groups are overjoyed, but the oil will still be exported, just at the expense of the American working class. This project had been vetted repeatedly for its environmental impacts, including multiple federal court cases, legislative reviews, and no less than five reviews by the U.S. State Department. No significant impacts upon the environment were cited, with the pipeline being the most environmentally safe method of transport. Its cancellation immediately put 11,000 Americans out of work. What is the point of years of environmental reviews, congressional hearings, and court reviews if, after all of that, one man can simply cancel multi-billion dollar projects on a whim? That’s not rule of law; it’s lawless autocracy, the short version of tyranny.

Using the same pen, the president destroyed years of civil rights law, especially Title IX, which established protections for women and girls sports. He mandated the integration of transgender male accommodation in all school and college sports. Young female athletes have been losing athletic competitions for several years due to the politically mandated acceptance of former and still genetic males into women’s competition, locker rooms, and restrooms. Studies have shown that there are currently over 300 male high school athletes of average ability who can best women’s world records in the Olympic 400 meter race along with other competitions. Women are losing scholarships, awards, and recognition to biological males whose bodies developed through adolescence as males, later to compete as females. It’s not fair and not right, but Biden validated this via executive order, also declaring he would sign the Equality Act.


The legislation not only guarantees transgender rights as a protected category but also ends freedom of conscience. No longer will religious groups be able to claim that a demand to change cherished religious doctrines is unconstitutional and protected by the First Amendment. Parochial schools are to be targeted and forced to adopt classroom dogma from public schools endorsing the new gay theology or lose accreditation. The Little Sisters of the Poor will be forced to provide contraceptives and abortion coverage, although they’ve won their case in court, and such mandates are a religious abomination to the faithful. Pastors who speak out against radical gay agendas as unscriptural will see their churches lose tax-exempt status. Some will say that’s ok, but the power to tax is the power to destroy. We are becoming a nation of intolerance and mandated ideological conformity.

The event of January 6 (the storming of the Capitol by angry rioters) is being used as an excuse to promote harsh internal security laws by Congress. The Capitol riot was inexcusable, but dismissing the anger of working-class America while holding them in disdain only assists those who would destroy our nation. Overlooking the economic wasteland created in large swaths of the country by corporate outsourcing and shortsighted policies designed to assuage environmental campaign donors is an equal outrage and one guaranteed to feed political rage, as is vindictive persecution and “canceling” of political opponents. Failure to unify will undermine and weaken the Republic to the delight of the world’s tyrants.