Zoe and Bobbie Arkfeld paint a large wall on Traffic Way alley

Two local artists, and owners of The Artery art shop on Traffic Way, Zoe Arkfeld and Bobbi Nunez designed and painted an abstract concept pool table on the north wall of Pflum’s Atascadero Muffler shop, also on Traffic Way.

The tag team of artists began with an exterior paint base to create a “computer screen” pixelation effect to shine from behind what would be a patchwork of color blocks and pool balls to represent the elements of a pool table and reflect the interior of Whiskey & June.

The Atascadero News caught up with Zoe and Bobbi on the scene and asked a few questions for our latest content channel — The Atascadero News Clips & Podcast — which will begin airing more video content and weekly shows featuring information and entertainment about our community for our subscribers.

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