ATASCADERO — Atascadero will have a pop-up gallery showcasing ten fine art renderings of the future murals to be featured in downtown Atascadero in 2021. All murals will express different aspects of equality and inclusion. The gallery will open on December 21, 2020, and run through the end of February, located at 6100 El Camino Real Suite B. 

The committee, which is composed of community members and local artists, is dedicated to adding ten murals to Atascadero’s downtown in the theme of equality. Z Villages is donating the pop-up gallery location in the commercial space located at 6100 El Camino Real Suite B for the Equality Mural Project (EMP). This pop-up gallery will be open by appointment only for the public with face masks and social distancing practices starting December 21, 2020. The gallery will feature proposed mural art by selected mural artists, including Irineo Medina, Cynthia Luján, Katie Tam, Clarke Andros, Isaac Yorke, Brandy Pippin, Jackie Nguyen, Sally Lamas, Mia Franco, and Rachel Hamann.

The EMP team is hoping the art featured in the pop-up gallery will inspire donors, with the goal of fundraising $40,000. 

The Equality Mural Project is also seeking property owners with exterior public wall space for seven additional walls in the downtown area. To jumpstart fundraising efforts, fine art prints will be available for purchase in the gallery, and 100% of those proceeds go to the selected mural artists and cover the costs of painting materials. 


Any businesses, organizations, or individuals wishing to partner with or donate to the Equality Mural Project in order to beautify downtown Atascadero should contact Victoria Carranza or Zoe Zappas at

Equality Mural Project Committee Members: Neal Breton, Victoria Carranza, Jenny Ashley, Richard Fusillo, Garet Zook, Nick Wilkinson, Edel Mitchell, Zoé Arkfeld, and Zoe Zappas.

Sponsors: Sherwin Williams, The Artery, Z Villages, Wilkins Action Graphics, and SLOCAC.

Donate Today! Venmo: @equalitymuralproject OR PayPal:

Checks can be mailed and made to: 

San Luis Obispo County Arts Council 1123 Mill St San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Follow EMP on Instagram and Facebook @equalitymuralproject