Each year on Apr. 22, the world celebrates Earth Day! Whether it’s a walk through the many trails, parks, or beaches that we have, picking up litter (while walking), or making a conscious effort to buy more Earth-friendly products, it is a day to remember to care for mother earth. 

Earth Day 2021 marks the 51st anniversary of this holiday. Typically, Earth Day is assigned a different theme or area of focus each year; this year’s theme is “Restore Our Earth.”

In years past, Earth Day events range from community clean-ups to biking to work or school. This year due to the pandemic and social distancing still in place, many events have been canceled. 

However, social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside and enjoy nature, as long as you do so responsibly! Nature is not canceled! 


What is Earth Day? 

Ever wonder how Earth Day began? According to reports, the first Earth Day was held on Apr. 22, 1970, when San Francisco activist John McConnell and Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson separately asked Americans to join in a grassroots demonstration. 

President Richard Nixon led the nation in creating the Environmental Protection Agency, which followed with successful laws, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

McConnell originally had chosen the spring equinox (Mar. 20, 1970), but Nelson chose Apr. 22, which ended up becoming the official celebration date. (Given that the date of the spring equinox changes over time, it may have made things more complicated to go with the astronomical event rather than just a calendar date.)

Today, not only is Earth Day a day meant to increase awareness of environmental problems, but it is also becoming a popular time for many communities to gather together to clean up litter, plant trees, or simply reflect on the beauty of nature. 

Earth Shine in Atascadero April 2021

A local non-profit, Earth Shine, has a scheduled clean-up day in Atascadero this Saturday, Apr. 24, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The location to meet is at the Sunken Gardens, 6505 El Camino Real, in Atascadero. 

Visit Earth Shine for more details. 

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