The celebration included a surprise ribbon-cutting from the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce 

ATASCADERO — On Tuesday, July 5, Atascadero’s bold eyewear boutique, Specs by Kyla, celebrated its one-year anniversary. The shop has become a beloved business on Traffic Way since opening in 2021.

“It feels overwhelmingly amazing, and I’m just full of gratitude,” said owner Kyla Skinner.

Skinner, who recently joined the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Chamber, celebrated her one-year anniversary with a ribbon-cutting which was provided as part of her joining. But she was surprised when the Atascadero Chamber showed up with a ribbon of their own.


SLO Chamber members Kaila Anderson, Michelle Axberg, and Bridgette Faulkner were in attendance, as well as SLO Chamber Ambassador volunteers Rob Quintana, Ray Riordan, Holley Edwards, and Shawn Ray. Julie Matthews, Rosey Parks, Anna Pecharich, and Angela Cisneros represented the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce. The entire City Council was also in attendance, including Mayor Heather Moreno and council members Mark Dariz, Susan Funk, Heather Newsom, and Charles Bourbeau. 

“So the SLO Chamber, it was arranged to do a ribbon-cutting with them,” Skinner said. “I invited the Atascadero Chamber just to be here, and then they surprised me. That brought a few tears to my eyes.”

Even though Specs by Kyla isn’t a brand new business in the North County, it never got an official Atascadero ribbon-cutting due to COVID. 

“I think I’ve just been so surprised at the feeling of support in this community,” Skinner said. “So it really just touched my heart that they [the Atascadero Chamber] made an effort to be here and to make me feel appreciated and welcome.”

Not only was Skinner celebrating one year of operating Specs by Kyla, but July 5 is also her birthday. She decided to open her glasses shop on her birthday as an ode to her birth mother, who, upon her death at the end of 2019, left Skinner an inheritance that was used to open the shop.

“Thank you to Atascadero and the North County for being so supportive during my first year in business,” Skinner stated.

Specs by Kyla provided goodie bags for everyone in attendance, a charcuterie board full of snacks and drinks for all. 

Happy One Year.