The store and its owner have been giving back to the community for just as long 

ATASCADERO — In 2015, on the then sleepy street of Entrada Avenue in Atascadero, Farron Elizabeth opened its doors for the first time. Seven years later, owner Farron Walker and her clothing boutique are a much-loved part of the community.

“It wasn’t an easy start, to say the least, because when I opened, there was not much on this street. Street Side wasn’t even here,” Walker said about the store’s opening. “It was pretty dead, but I had a vision for this street, and I had a lot of faith in what I thought was to come.”

Walker, who’s been a part of the fashion industry since she can remember, started out with a retail job before heading off to and graduating from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles. She had her own fashion line in LA but decided to go back into retail when she moved to Atascadero, opening Farron Elizabeth, which was also the name of her original clothing line.


“At the time [Farron Elizabeth opened], I did still have my line, so I sold; when I first opened, I had a lot of my own stuff. From time to time, I do make my own stuff, but it’s rare,” stated Walker. 

The retail boutique features styles and clothing for all body types, price ranges, and age groups. Creating an inclusive and affordable shopping experience for everyone who walks through its doors.

“We have girls in high school that shop here, and we have women in their 70s that shop here,” stated Walker of her clientele. “So it really is pretty vast.” 

Farron Elizabeth brings in 15 to 20 new styles a week at an affordable price point, so the clothes are constantly changing, which gives shoppers new options weekly.

“That’s kind of how I made it work in the beginning, because this wasn’t like a high tourist area, so I realized by bringing in new stuff every week, the same ladies would come in every week,” Walker added.

On top of clothing items, Farron Elizabeth also carries a ton of local products from The Body Bean, Red Road Leatherworks, Blueberry Jewelry, Glasshead Studio, Templeton Olive Oil Company, Queen Bee Caramels, and Life Elements. Walker also represents artist Adam Eron Welch, and his pieces not only decorate the walls of Farron Elizabeth but are available for purchase.

“I think that sustains the community. We tell people to shop local, but we should carry local products,” Walker said. “Especially in this area, there’s so much available to us.”

But Farron Elizabeth isn’t just a retail store: For the last couple of years, Farron Elizabeth has raised money for Jack’s Helping Hand on Sundays. Five percent of the store’s total sales every Sunday go directly to the foundation, which helps children with cancer and disabilities. Walker and both Farron Elizabeth and Bloke (Walker’s men’s boutique) are also affiliated with the Emilio Velci Aloha Project, which brings fentanyl awareness to the county. 

“The main thing about this store and my love for it is, being a part of the community and investing in the community because they invest back. That’s a big part of it for me because I feel like this town, we are a community. I think that’s the thing I love most about it, to be honest,” said Walker.

In November of 2020, Walker decided to expand her retail options on Entrada and opened Bloke, the male version of Farron Elizabeth, across the street. Following the same formula as Farron Elizabeth, the men’s shop has been a success, but Walker will always remember where she started seven years ago.

“I have the same ladies that came to my opening that still shop here today,” she said. “Costumers, they’re literally like family to us, and the community is really important to us.”