SAN LUIS OBISPO — In response to an outpouring of generosity from the community, on Friday, Mar. 20, French Hospital Medical Center Foundation provided direction for those who wanted to provide medical donations to the nonprofit medical center in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are not on short supply,” FHMC Senior Director Marketing and Communications Megan Maloney said, “but we had a lot of people calling because we are a not-for-profit organization asking how they can help. So, we asked our materials management what are the most important things that we need?”

The hospital, operating under the umbrella of Dignity Health, is requesting donations of N95 masks and personal protective equipment. FCMC is also seeking bandanas, clear goggles and, most importantly, PAPR hoods model # 1-133L-5 and #S-133S-5 (PAPR is Powered air-purifying respirator), N95 masks, Clorox or sani-cloth wipes, isolation gowns, nitrile gloves, shoe covers and bouffant caps.

Official said that although the hospital currently has sufficient supplies for the days and weeks to come, they wanted to provide information on how people can help. Maloney also said that all donations will find a home even if FHMC does not use the materials gathered.


“Although we have ample supply, we want to be prepared for if and when we need it,” Maloney said. “And if we end up not needing it, we will be happy to donate it to shelters or other organizations who also might need it in the future.”

For more information or to donate materials, contact Danica at the French Hospital Medical Center Foundation at (805) 542-6496. To give a monetary donation, visit