Pureinfluencer donated to continue Victory Trips for young adults who battled catastrophic illness

PISMO BEACH — Local charity 17 Strong is happy to announce that they recently received a $10,000 donation from Pureinfluencer! 

“It is donations from companies like Pureinfluencer that help 17 Strong continue to fulfill Ryan’s vision of providing Victory Trips to young adults who have battled catastrophic illness,” says Steve Teixeira. 

17 Strong is geared toward those ages to 18-40, who have suffered the trauma of catastrophic illness. Ryan Teixeira, their son, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18. He started planning a trip from another organization in the hospital as something to look forward to after treatment but was denied due to age cutoffs. Since most wish-fulfillment organizations cut off at 18, it then became his goal to create a foundation for young adults like him who are often forgotten.


The name 17 Strong came from when Ryan was eight years old; he wanted to pick a number that he could keep with him through his sports journey. He researched Biblical meanings of numbers and discovered that 17 stands for Victory. From then on, 17 became Ryan’s number. After his initial cancer diagnosis, his cousin Charlie coined the name “17 Strong” to show his support for Ryan, and the name stuck.

Pureinfluencer, their generous new donator, is a company that converts web traffic to sales leads for automotive dealerships, providing clients with a 30 percent minimum lift in first-party leads. Their Conversion Platform combines real-time site visitor behavior with a patent-pending proprietary technology to show “myOffer,” only to highly engaged shoppers and to ensure that dealerships are receiving quality leads. Pureinfluencer also offers Digital Selling through “myTraffic,” an innovative way for dealerships to sell online. 

For more information about our organization, visit 17strong.org.