TEMPLETON — Templeton Recreation Department received a $2,500 Gratitude Grant from the Atascadero Elks Lodge at an outdoor awards ceremony on Sept. 15. Monies received will be used to provide youth sports scholarships for families needing assistance and equipment. Elks Lodge Gratitude Grants are used to support local activities.

Templeton Recreation Department thanked Atascadero Elks Lodge Grant Chairwoman Esta Anderson and Treasurer Kris Pimentel for reaching out to discuss their needs and for writing the grant. Special thanks to Exalted Ruler Marty Durrett for her support of the project.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of the Atascadero Elks Lodge and would like to thank them for their dedication to the youth in the community. These funds will pay for 25 children to participate in programs they would otherwise be unable to play in, and that is a tremendous gift both to us, and more importantly, to the kids”, said Templeton Recreation Supervisor Melissa Johnson.

Templeton Recreation is offering Youth Soccer Pod Play compliant with local and state guidelines. Children are learning individual skill development outdoors. A Basketball Pod Play program will be offered soon.