City firefighters will be celebrating on May 7 at Fire Station One

ATASCADERO — This year, Atascadero Fire and Emergency Services is celebrating 100 years of fire service to their community. Atascadero firefighters would like to honor those who came before them, recognize all who are currently serving, and express appreciation for those who will carry on the legacy into the future.

Atascadero Fire and Emergency Services has a long, rich history of public service and engagement with the community. 

“As this year marks the Centennial Anniversary of our humble beginning as the Atascadero Fire Protection District,” reflects Fire Chief Casey Bryson, “we would like to extend our gratitude to those that came before us and those that will follow in our footsteps of public service to the community we love and that many of us call home.”


For the full history on Atascadero Fire and Emergency Services, see Atascadero New’s story here,

Atascadero firefighters will be celebrating the 100th anniversary at the Open House happening on May 7 at Fire Station One. All members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend.