The nomination period is set to close on Aug. 12 at 5 p.m.

ATASCADERO — Atascadero City has four seats up for re-election later this year on Nov. 8. The open seats are as follows; Mayor (currently held by Heather Moreno), two City Council seats (currently held by Mayor Pro Tem Heather Newsom and Susan Funk), and Treasurer (currently held by Gere Sibbach).

Mayor Heather Moreno, who filed her nomination paperwork on July 27, and qualified for the ballot on Aug. 1, is running for re-election. As of now, she is unchallenged in her re-election campaign.

Gere Sibbach is also running for re-election for his current position as treasurer. Sibbach filed his nomination paperwork on July 22 and qualified for the ballot on Aug. 1. As of now, he is the only candidate running for Treasurer.


Positions on the Nov. 8 ballot are as follows:

 • One (1) Mayor for a full term of two (2) years.

 • Two (2) Members of the City Council for full terms of four (4) years.

  • One (1) Treasurer for a full term of four (4) years.

To find out more about Atascadero City’s candidates and more, go to:

The Atascadero United School District (AUSD) also has four confirmed seats open for re-election, but with trustee member Mary Kay Mills officially giving her resignation on Aug.2, there is a strong possibility of a fifth, two-year-term seat being added to the ballot; however, it has not been confirmed. The confirmed four seats up for re-election are currently held by George Shoemaker, Tami Gunther, Ray Buban, and Donn Clickard.

While the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District is switching to by-trustee voting for this upcoming election, the AUSD will continue with “at-large” voting during this year’s election cycle.

By-trustee area voting is a system where candidates are elected by “trustee areas.” Meaning voters can only vote for candidates who reside within their given trustee area. “At-large” voting is open to everyone from the city where the school district is held.

Candidates running for the open AUSD seats are as follows:

Tami Gunther is running for re-election.

Rebekah Koznek, who is a parent involved in the AUSD, has filed her paperwork.

Tracy Ellis-Weit, a retired teacher from the district, has also filed her paperwork.

Vy Pierce, a parent from the district, has also filed her paperwork.

George R. Shoemaker will be up for re-election as well.

For general voting information, please go to:,-2022,-General-Election.aspx