The 2021 F-14 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

ATASCADERO — The City of Atascadero is starting the 2021 F-14 Pavement Rehabilitation project that includes a variety of road segments on the west side of Hwy. 101 and to the south of Hwy 41. Construction has now begun
and is anticipated to be completed by December 2021, barring weather delays.

A total of 3.81 centerline miles of pavement rehabilitation is planned on the following road segments:

  1. Pismo Ave. – Hwy 41 to Marchant Way
  2. Marchant Way – Pismo Ave. to Santa Rosa Road
  3. San Rafael Road – San Gabriel Road to Los Osos Road
  4. San Guillermo Lane – San Gabriel Road to End
  5. San Diego Road – Atascadero Ave. to Hwy 101
  6. La Paz Lane – Atascadero Ave. to End
  7. Alegre Ave. – Atascadero Ave. to End
  8. Marchant Ave. – Atascadero Ave. to Coromar Ave.
  9. Coromar Ave. – Marchant Ave. to Portola Road
  10. Old Morro Road East – Hwy 41 (West) to Hwy 41 (East)

A combination of road work will occur on the above roadway segments involving full reconstruction, asphalt overlays, milling and overlays, and full-depth pavement dig outs with cape sealing. For the majority of this time, two lanes of traffic will remain open, but there may be times when traffic is restricted to a single lane with flagging control. Property owners on the above streets will generally be allowed access to their driveways but may experience delays during certain times during construction. Please be patient and drive carefully through the work zones.


Souza Construction is the City’s contractor and work is anticipated to be complete by early November 2021. For more information or questions, please contact Public Works at 805-470-3456 or

For street project information, please click on the following link: