Children’s House Montessori School hosts NY International Children’s Film Festival ‘Best of the Fest’

Every year, the New York International Children’s Film Festival (NYICFF), puts together “the best of the fest” from that year’s film festival. These shorts — animation, live action, documentary and experimental films — come from across the globe.
On Saturday, January 12, Children’s House Montessori School in Atascadero will host two collections from the 2018 Festival — Kid Flicks One for children ages 3-7 and Kid Flicks Two for ages 8-18. The event is open to the public, and children must be accompanied by an adult.
The audience will be given a ballot to score their favorites and offer their opinions. Discussion about the films will follow the screening.
Tickets are $5 per person and include a bag of popcorn and a cookie.

Kid Flicks One

Kid Flicks One gives a warm welcome to all budding cinephiles with a lively international lineup of fun. Kick off with good hygiene and great dubstep in Party Mouth (USA), then let your hair—or, er fur—down and hang loose in I Want to Live in the Zoo (Russia). And the charming If You Fall (Canada).]

Kids Flicks Two

With a compelling range of styles and themes, Kid Flicks Two offers clever, thought-provoking films sure to inspire audiences ages 8+ to expand their horizons. In the Grand Prize award-winner Game (USA), AJ has the drive to excel but must push through obstacles to get there. Meanwhile, teamwork takes on different stripes when an odd couple of bears are forced to work together in the hilarious stop-motion short Poles Apart (UK).
For more info, call Korey Dudley Children’s House Montessori, 3025 Monterey Rd. 805-466-5068