SAN LUIS OBISPO — Economic Vitality Corporation of San Luis Obispo County (EVC) announced Friday, Oct. 23, a partnership with CMTC’s California’s Manufacturing Network to provide direct support to manufacturers negatively impacted by COVID-19.

“We recognize that manufacturers in our community are in need of support and we want to ensure they have access to the services and programs they need to sustain their operations now and in the future,” said Maria Kelly, Interim Executive Director, EVC.

With the pandemic dramatically redefining the landscape for California manufacturers, the EVC will work with CMTC and other members of the Network to help businesses survive, recover, and thrive as they navigate through the challenges brought on by the crisis.

EVC is providing resources and services at no cost to businesses such as assistance locating sources of capital and local/state incentives; site selection assistance; information regarding workforce development programs; and technical assistance through California’s Manufacturers Accelerator program. The goal is to meet with manufacturers throughout the region to identify and understand their specific needs, challenges, and opportunities, and provide them with assistance for recovery and growth.


Funding from the CARES Act Stimulus Package 2020 supports this effort to reach manufacturing companies facing challenges in the current economic climate.

Brad Brechwald, the EVC Board of Directors Vice-Chair, expressed that “manufacturing is essential for maintaining a healthy state of our economy.” As President and CEO of Wallace Group, “he appreciates the effort by the EVC to support this very important industry.”