Travel and tourism has become a standard part of our local economy. As it remains strong and vital to our growth, we want to participate in a way that helps maintain and protect the lifestyle so many travelers come here to enjoy with us.
The Central Coast continues to capture the imagination and affection of travelers from around the world, and with the launch of Central Coast TRVLR, we will be their companion as they enter the hallowed ground we call home.
We introduce an exciting new publication about the Central Coast as the “epicenter of entertainment and fun” for travelers in California.
As publishers of two monthly magazines in the North San Luis Obispo County, we are expanding with a quarterly travel guide for the Central Coast with a June 2019 launch. Please submit HERE for more info.
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Central Coast TRVLR is the only travel guide to specifically cover the Central Coast “The Original Road Trip” as defined by Visit California — Monterey to Ventura — and we are excited to brand and bring the Central Coast together in a handy traveler’s guide.
40,000 in Print
This will be a high-quality, perfect bound, full-color matte finish sized 6.75×10” between 70-100 pages for the June launch Summer 2019 edition — with a quality digital outlet at (forwarded to
Our quarterly distribution will range from Napa Valley-Malibu, including travel agencies and ports of entry, hotels, universities, visitor centers, and 5,000 mailed directly to homes valued at more than $1M.
Our demographics include the adventurers, families, honeymooners, casual travelers, weekenders, wine tasters and foodies — of all ages.
Our 50% ad/editorial ratio pairs quality local info and advertisers, organized by county — Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura.
Our introductory pricing is highly-competitive and can be locked in for up to four issues — Summer 2019, Autumn 2019, Winter 2019, Spring 2020 — with a contract.
Our Summer 2019 issue will deliver to locations by June 1. Deadline for advertising reservation will be May 5, 2019 — with priority placement given on a first-come-first-served basis by size. Subsequent deadlines are: August 5 (Autumn 2019), November 5 (Winter 2019), and February 5 (Spring 2020).
Please see our media kit at for more information.