After 15 years of cleaning, repairing and working with properties as West Coast Janitorial, the Enriquez family decided to start their own business.
In 2004, George took over operations of WCJ when his father was deployed to Iraq. In November 2018 George along with his wife Cindy and their son Tyler took their collective knowledge and founded WCJ Property Management & Real Estate.
George said that one of the biggest keys to managing properties successfully is availability and knowledge. When things go wrong, and they often do, both the residents and property owners need a person who knows the answers to the solutions. If a pipe bursts at 3:00 a.m. and the house begins to flood, residents do not need the police or fire department, they need the person who knows where the main water shutoff valve is located. This is why George says he makes sure he knows the ins and outs of all the properties he manages and is always just a phone call away.
WCJ Property Front
“When you go to manage someone’s property,” said George, “you have to know their property and you have to know it well.”
In his 15 years of experience, George said that he has had to deal with a lot of emergency situations that include fires and flooding and even had to help dispose of a deer that give up its ghost in someone’s yard. He said being able to make split-second decisions that are in the best interest of the property owners is difficult, but also a vital element of good property management.
Each team member has their own expertise when it comes to the business. George is management and maintenance while Cindy retains years of experience in HOAs. Tyler is focused on Real Estate, but George proudly states that his son is a wealth of information and know-how when it comes to maintenance. George said that he and his family strive to provide a one-stop shop for all their client’s property needs.
When asked about naming the business, George said that it is important to remember “where you came from” and since everything started with his father, George Sr., founding West Coast Janitorial, the family thought it was only fitting to include it in the business’s name.
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