Local business helps North County residents find balance, achieve goals

In the past five years, the United States Pilates industry has grown at an annual rate of nine percent, and for good reason. Pilates offers a low-impact, customizable and long-term source of physical fitness.
Since 2006, North County Pilates, located at 5815 Traffic Way in Atascadero, has provided the North County with all the equipment necessary to equip both new and experienced clients to reach their fitness goals.
“My clients’ concerns are being able to be active throughout their entire lives,” said owner Melissa Barton. “About 70 percent who come in have experienced an injury or have some sort of pain, which knows no age. Every exercise we do is modifiable. With individualized attention, we can take someone exactly where they are today and address any age, injury, or pain and work with them.”
Among the early benefits of Pilates conditioning is concentration, breathing and self-awareness, of which are foundational for continued progress. With regular participation, clients begin noticing increased flexibility, control, stability, precision, balance, and renewed strength and stamina. Additional benefits are improved blood flow (which oxygenates the brain and body tissues), decreased stress and improved mental fitness. The correct posture used in Pilates also helps reduce muscle imbalance and pain previously experienced in everyday activities.
Three class options with a variety of pricing are available for beginners and advanced clients, including private/semi-private classes, small group apparatus and drop-in classes, and mat Pilates classes. Monthly memberships are also now available with discounted group rates, guest passes, and priority booking.
“Over the course of five private appointments, we learn about their bodies and it gives clients time to tune into their bodies and what they’re feeling. We teach you how to be functional and adjust to achieve the same tasks. I love how Pilates makes one think about how to carry their bodies,” Melissa said.
“Three years ago, one client had lower back pain. When she returned today from vacation, she said, ‘I did fine. I hiked over these big boulders for miles and jumped off rocks. I feel safe now that I can do it because my muscles are supporting my bones. Activities are a joy!’’
What feedback does Melissa most often hear from her clients?
“They tell me, ‘I’m not in pain anymore,’” Melissa said.
For complete class information and pricing, visit nc-pilates.com or call 805-466-9642.