Father/son team Robert and Kamal Patel bought the hotel in March

ATASCADERO — After being for sale for a little over a year, the historic Carlton Hotel sold to the father/son team of Robert and Kamal Patel, known as Capricorn Property Group. The group is a family-owned business out of the San Francisco Bay Area, which has been in the hotel business for the last 40 years, with roots in San Luis Obispo for just as long.

“We’ve known SLO County for about 40 years. A lot of our family members have been in the area for 40 years, so we have a lot of attachments here,” stated Kamal Patel when asked what brought them to Atascadero.

Members of the Patel family have not only lived in San Luis Obispo County for over four decades, but they’ve also been contributing through being a part of the local hospitality industry and supporting the local community the whole time. So, it made sense for Robert and Kamal to choose Atascadero and the Carlton as their next hotel property.


“I think what we’ve seen is the county change in good ways. It’s still kept its very down-to-earth, local feel with local artisans, craftsmen, and breweries while the wine and tourism industry grew. It’s kept its small-town feel, but it’s also attracting a lot of outside interest. What that’s meant is a lot of the motor lodges, etc., are converting into experience-based hotels,” added Patel. “What we really like about Atascadero is that it’s a community with a lot of exciting things happening — local events, Calming [traffic on] El Camino Real, and a rejuvenated downtown corridor — we want [to be part of] the revitalization of that downtown corridor.”

Kamal stated that he and his father are excited to be able to renovate the historic hotel, given that it has such good bones and so much history flowing through it. The main plan with any form of renovation is to refresh and bring out the vibrancy of what is already there. He also looks forward to more community involvement and working with old partnerships locally to make the Carlton a vocal point in Atascadero.

“We find immense joy in the realm of hospitality, and the Carlton Hotel resonates with us on a profound level,” Kamal said. “Its history is intricately woven into the very fabric of Atascadero, tracing back to the city’s founding as a colony. The cultural significance of the Carlton Hotel aligns seamlessly with our passion for preserving heritage while ushering in modernity.”

While Capricorn Property Group is still in the preliminary stages of enhancing the hotel, with a lobby refresh set for completion in the next couple of months, they have plenty more work to be done. They will also be working on a restaurant/bar with a small menu set to open in early 2024, and they have plans to have the Carlton fully renovated, including the guest rooms, by the spring of 2025. In the meantime, the hotel will remain open.

“We’re excited to work with the local community by partnering with local brands and focusing on the experiences in the town, food and beverage, retail, and local events,” Patel stated. “Moreover, we are enthusiastic about the substantial economic impact the renovated hotel will bring to Atascadero. Anticipated increases in tax revenues will bolster the city’s financial foundation. Equally significant is the boost the hotel will provide to downtown businesses, enhancing retail, dining options, and community events. We are not just investing in a hotel; we are investing in the thriving future of Atascadero and utilizing the features of the hotel to make Atasadero more of a destination.”

To find out more about the Carlton or to book a stay, go to: the-carlton.com.

Feature Image: Kamal Patel (left) and his father Robert Patel are shown in the Carlton hotel lobby with dog Ipoh. Photo by Christianna Marks.