Let’s Go Camping!

Camping year-round is definitely do-able in California! And when four out of five in the family LOVE to camp … we camp or “glamp”. It’s all about compromise, right?! On New Years, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Spring Break, and Labor Day, we are camping! A constant rotation of swimming, bike riding, and family bonding under the stars. No homework, no practice, and no bedtime … just that easy feeling of not having anywhere to be, but exactly where we are. I’m the ONE (out of the five) that’s not always thrilled about the packing and unpacking, but the memories we make, while roasting marshmallows by a toasty campfire, make it worth all the laundry in the world. With that being said, I’m much easier to be convinced on hitching up and hitting the road for a fews days.
Camping with kids can be intimidating! What if I forget something they need?! What if they get sick or hurt?! I survive on a daily routine and set bedtimes! And that all goes out the window while camping! Well, guess what …it’s all happened, it still does and we all survive. In my opinion, lists are key. {clothes, toys, outdoor entertainment, food/snacks, bath and bed}, I start days in advance and keep adding as things come to mind. Things like glow sticks, bike helmets, your favorite swim shorts and the pancake syrup are way too imperative to leave behind. I like to get the kids involved. Since outdoor cooking plays a big part in camping, they enjoy helping to create the menu and grocery list.
As most of you know, we are surrounded by some of the finest campgrounds. Morro Strand, Lopez Lake, San
Simeon State Campground and Cava Robles are just a few of the “staycations” we take advantage of. Our calendar is always penned in with trips to all our prized spots.
One of our favorites, Morro Strand Campground, where one of my boys decided it was time to ride a bike without training wheels.
He had all the time in the world to practice,
as we proudly watched while listening to the waves crashing in the distance. This campground is right on the beach. Morro Rock and the Embarcadero are just a stroll away and every day is perfect kite flying weather!
Lopez Lake is awesome during the warm summer months, offering so many fantastic outdoor options. There are multiple hiking trails, Mustang Waterpark, and our personal favorite, the Vista Lago Adventure Park. The outdoor park includes multiple rope obstacle courses and zip lines, offering courses for beginners and experts. The general store offers boat and water toy rentals, bait and tackle and even a bar and grill with games and arcades.
This is where my oldest caught his first fish. Another camping memory we will never forget.
The memories are priceless. The places are endless. Breaking loose from the routine and embracing the slower pace of camping can reconnect family relationships and helps to recharge. Gather around that fire, sing songs, make smores and create some lasting memories.
Happy camping!