Atascadero Chamber of Commerce will be visiting businesses to hear their concerns

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce is hitting the streets to learn about issues facing the local business community. 

The Chamber will conduct a Business Walk from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Sep. 28. The goal is to recruit 100 volunteers, grouped in teams of two, to visit ten businesses each so that a total of 500 businesses are visited. Asking just a few questions to managers and owners will allow the Chamber staff to learn of any challenges and opportunities confronting businesses, to plan future programs, and to add or revise resources that will help businesses flourish.

“This event will help us learn what’s on the minds of our business community,” said Director of Membership Julie Matthews. “We’re looking for community volunteers to join the Atascadero Chamber team as we canvas the city to check in on businesses and see how we can better serve them. Each volunteer team will conduct a brief interview of four simple questions. This is a great chance to meet and network with businesses in Atascadero.”


The Business Walk will help conclude the “Together, We Will Move Atascadero Forward” Membership Drive. The campaign runs through Sep. 30 and aims to enhance support of the Atascadero businesses community by increasing chamber membership.

Josh Cross, Chamber President and CEO, said, “We’re looking for volunteers who want to celebrate Atascadero and help ‘take the pulse’ of our business community to communicate successes and obstacles in doing business in Atascadero.” The Chamber will assemble the responses to generate a report that local decision makers can use to help strengthen local businesses.

Sign up to volunteer or find additional details at

Contact Julie Matthews at (805) 466-2044 or for specific questions.