We have opened our Service Window for product pickup on Saturdays between the hours of 5pm – 7pm.  Orders for products can be placed in advance for curbside pickup by emailing info@centralcoastdistillery.net or calling 805.901.6094.  NOTE:  Taxes are included in all pricing.  

Special Offerings:*20% off the purchase of any 3-bottles    * 2oz Hand Sanitizer Free with Forager Bottle purchase*Combo – 1btl Rum Blanco/2 btls Cokes – $25.00 of Forager Spirits   

“To Go”:  Food offerings – menu changes weekly

 Ravioli’s with your choice of Red or Cream Sauce, Manchego Cheese & fresh Herbs – $12.00


Chicken & Rice Soup, house made, served piping hot!  – $10.00

Leo Leo Gelato   w/ a house baked cookie. –    $10.00

o   Vanilla

o   Chocolate

o   Coffee

o   Strawberry Sorbet

Leo Leo Gelato Cocktail –  $12.00.  (Available only with “Food to Go”)

“Coffee Buzz”  $12.00“Strawberry Fields”  $12.00
Coffee gelato drizzled with chocolate syrup immersed in our Forager Bourbon Barreled RumStrawberry Sorbet in a bath of our Forager Honey Vodka