The San Luis Obispo County Fire Safe Council has awarded Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services grant funds for hazardous fuel reduction for 2021. This program, referred to as chipping, will be offered to those properties located in the High and Very High Fire Severity Zones.

Chipping will begin on Mar. 1, 2021. The City of Atascadero has contracted with Hansen Bro’s Custom Farming to complete chipping services. Hansen Bro’s Custom Farming representatives will provide ID upon request or you may contact us with any questions.

Due to limited funding, chipping services will be completed in order of registrations received and registration will close when the maximum number of properties is reached.

Please register online at or by calling (805)470-3300.


All material must be piled near road or driveway and be easily accessible.

Please stack branches with the ends facing the same direction. Branch diameter can be up to 5″ round with the length not to exceed 15 ft. Please keep piles free of household trash, processed lumber, poison oak and avoid vine type vegetation, as this may jam the chipper. The photos below show the correct way to stack branches.

Correctly stacked branches for chipping

For more information regarding wildfire safety, backyard burning, weed abatement and chipping visit,