Improvements to 82 Roads Spanning a Total of 19 Miles 

SAN LUIS OBISPO — The City of San Luis Obispo announced it has successfully completed its 2020 roadway sealing project, which revitalized and enhanced the safety of more than 19 miles of roads throughout the City.

The sealing project kicked off in July 2020 and wrapped up this month. The project involved applying a slurry sealant and new striping to a variety of roads located throughout the City. Among the neighborhoods and streets that received the makeover are Buchon, Calle Joaquin, Granada, High, Islay, Leff, Oceanaire, Margarita, Peach, Pismo, Sandercock, and South. The Bob Jones Bike Trail between Prado and Los Osos Valley Road, as well as the Emerson Park Parking Lot, also underwent sealing and striping.

“We would like to thank community members for their patience and support during this important project,” said Public Works Director Matt Horn. “The slurry seal revitalized the existing asphalt, bridging cracks and providing an all-weather driving surface, while new striping enhanced safety and multi-modal transportation.”


Specific project features, which were funded by the Local Revenue Measure and SB1 (Road Repair and Accountability Act), included: 

  • Slurry sealing over local roads that have been crack-sealed 
  • Striping improvements that focused on providing enhanced safety and equity to cyclists and pedestrians 
  • Installation of speed humps along portions of High Street and Pismo Street 

This project falls under the City of San Luis Obispo’s Pavement Management Plan, which guides the City’s efforts in pavement rehabilitation over a multi-year horizon.

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Pismo Street Before scaledPismo Street After scaled
Before and After of Pismo Street
Emerson Park Before scaledEmerson Park After scaled
Before and After of Emerson Park