Residents are urged not to call 911 unless there is an immediate threat to safety/health

ATASCADERO — The City of Atascadero has issued a Weather Advisory for the weekend ahead, beginning Friday late evening through Monday, Jan. 16.

Following are things to keep in mind as the storm advances into our area:

  • Call 911 if there is an immediate threat to someone’s life and/or health and safety. The City urges all residents to refrain from calling 911 unless it is a genuine life-threatening emergency. Safety of residents is the number one concern and is a priority.
  • Please call the Public Works Department directly (805) 470-3148 for all other storm-related calls. We will be monitoring our phones throughout the weekend. For flooding, road and downed tree/ limb concerns please call this number.
  • Storm Information for tips on safety, reducing further damage, reporting a flood, sandbags and sand or call the Phone Assistance Center at (805) 781-5678.

Please use caution as you are out driving on local roads, as well as, watch for workers as they are out clearing trees and debris from roadways and storm drains. Please be safe and stay off of the roads where possible and do not attempt to cross any moving body of water. 


The City of Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services and Public Works Departments are working to assess and respond to damage and flooding caused by the torrential downpour and severe storm in Atascadero and throughout the County. 

To find out more information on current road conditions in your evacuation zone, please go to