[PRESS RELEASE from City of Atascadero]

The City of Atascadero’s Recreation Division wants residents to stay active and to get outside for fresh air!  Being outside is crucial for our mental health and getting active is necessary for our heart health.  Can you take 10,000 steps in one day?  If you don’t think you have it in you, let us prove it to you!  We have created a 30-day guide for beginners, intermediate or advanced walkers. Are you a couch potato and don’t think you can do it?  Are you already walking 10,000 steps or more a day?  We challenge YOU! 

This 6-week, 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge is designed for everyone, regardless of ability.  Start anytime you are ready and follow the Daily Steps Tracker, then log your steps in the Walking Journal.  Once you have completed your 6 weeks, turn in your Walking Journal with your name, phone number and/or email address.  Once received the Recreation Division will send you a prize (based on availability).  It’s that easy! 

To get started go to atascadero.org/virtualrec and download the Daily Steps Tracker and the Walking Journal.  Then lace up your shoes and get moving, while practice social distancing and staying safe.



10K Steps Challenge Guidelines
10K Steps Challenge Journal