The ceremony took place Wednesday, April 20

ATASCADERO — City employees, family members, friends, and work colleagues celebrated the newest hires and promotions within the City of Atascadero on Wednesday, April 20, as they took their oaths of office. 

City Clerk Lara Christensen administered the oaths and swore in all 11 of Atascadero City’s newest staff members.

“The oaths of office ceremonies always take our new employees and/ or those who were just promoted through the oaths and commitment to serve the community,” said Deputy City Manager Terrie Banish. “Oaths are always followed by a ‘meet and greet’ opportunity for our employees to congratulate team members and welcome them and also an opportunity to meet their families. It usually runs about 15 to 20 minutes in length.” 


Out of the 11 employees that were sworn in, nine were new hires to the city, while the other two (Amanda Muther and Dawn Patterson) were promotions from within. 

The city members who were sworn in on April 20 were: Dawn Patterson, Accounting Specialist (internal transfer/promotion); Loreli Cappel, Deputy Director of Economic & Community Development (new hire); Helona Andresson, Account Clerk II (new); Jamie Puebla, Accounting Specialist (new); Dillon Dean James, Administrative Assistant/Deputy City Clerk (new); Amanda Muther, Website & Social Media Technician (internal transfer/promotion); Rob Hammer, Police Officer (new); Warren Pittenger, Police Officer (new); Dustin Glau, Maintenance Worker I (new); Shandi Sanders, Public Safety Dispatcher (new); Iris Figueroa, Public Safety Dispatcher (new).

Two new positions were added during the oath ceremony. 

“New positions that have been added were Loreli Cappel for the Deputy Director of Economic & Community Development as well as Amanda Muther for the Website & Social Media Technician,” added Banish.

The ceremony was held on the fourth floor of City Hall, in the Council Chambers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremonies were held outside when people were allowed to gather, and before that didn’t take place at all.

“It’s always exciting to have new faces join our team and take them through the oaths of office,” stated Banish. “This ceremony had a number of folks that we were catching up on, as some of the ‘new hires’ are actually not as new now. Part of that is due to scheduling delays and the COVID timeframe.” 

Congratulations to everyone who took their oaths of office.