City recognizes LBGTQ+ citizens of Atascadero with proclamation

ATASCADERO—The Atascadero City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, June 13, at 6 p.m. The hybrid meeting was held in the City Council Chambers.

The agenda for the night’s meeting was passed unanimously by the council.

The City Council then recognized the LGBTQ+ citizens of Atascadero with a proclamation. Mayor Pro Tem Susan Funk read the proclamation. 


“And whereas June is celebrated as Pride Month in communities throughout San Luis Obispo County in various ways in recognition of LGBTQ+ persons having equal rights under law. And whereas all members of the Atascadero community have the right to live peacefully, enjoy all the community has to offer, raise their family, and seek economic and academic opportunities free of discrimination and bigotry of any kind. And whereas a strong, healthy, sustainable community includes and embraces people of every color, race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Now, therefore be it resolved that we, the City Council of the City of Atascadero, in recognition during Pride Month of the co-equal humanity of our LGBTQ+ community members, do hereby urge all residents to honor our widely varied community and work together with us to build a culture of tolerance and mutual respect,” Funk read in the proclamation.

Community Church of Atascadero’s openly gay pastor Heather Branton received the proclamation on behalf of the community. Representatives from multiple other churches and faiths were also there in support of the proclamation.

The Consent Calendar passed, while item A3, Side Letters of Agreement for the Atascadero Police Officers Association, Atascadero Professional Firefighters Local 3600, Mid-Management/Professional Employees Association, Service Employees International Union Local 620, and Resolution for Non-Represented Professional and Management Workers and Confidential Employees, was pulled by a city staff member in the chambers.

People who work on city staff, police, and fire all addressed the council in thanks for passing the item on the Consent Calendar.

“This is my 11th year serving on the City Council, and I have seen from day one how dedicated and committed of a staff we have,” stated Mayor Heather Moreno. “The way we get things done in this city is by all the people you saw come up here and the others they work with and alongside. We are all so grateful for you.” 

Item A3 was then approved happily by the entire council.

During Community Forum, a handful of residents addressed the council, thanking them for the earlier proclamation.

Administrative Services Director Jeri Rangel addressed the council with three assessment districts on three different neighborhoods, Apple Valley, De Anza Estates, and Los Lomas. 

“Council’s long-standing policy is that a development should pay for itself, and when these neighborhoods were developed, it was the developer’s option to either do an assessment district or homeowners association. They did all of them agree to do an assessment district in lieu of the homeowners association,” stated Rangel.

All three items passed unanimously.

Deputy City Manager Terrie Banish then addressed the council on the Downtown Parking and Business Improvement Area (DPBIA) Confirmation Annual Assessment Fiscal Year 23-24. 

Banish then brought forth the Atascadero Tourism Business Improvement District Confirmation Annual Assessment for the Fiscal Year 23-24. Both items passed unanimously.

Jeri Rangel then returned with the 2023-2025 Operating and Capital Budget. They went over a summary of the budget, which included the General Fund Expenditures by category. Sixty-one percent goes to employee services, 26 percent to operations, and 13 percent to capital and special projects.

“The fiscal strategy has really provided the city with a strong framework from which to operate,” Rangel said. “The strategy has allowed the city to maintain stable service levels even in the face of twists and turns in the economy. Sales tax measure D-20 is providing vital city services that further the three key priorities. The budget is effective and smart and makes the best use of limited resources. General fund reserves remain sufficient, even into the long term. This budget provides the organization with the direction and tools necessary to pursue key priorities and help the city continue to thrive.”

The motion passed unanimously.

The next Atascadero City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 27, at 6 p.m.