ATASCADERO — The City of Atascadero announced the commencement of initial work on the 2023 F-14 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, which began in mid-August 2023. Major construction activities are scheduled to kick off early in September. This ambitious project encompasses vital pavement rehabilitation efforts, spanning a total of 3.3 miles of roadways in the central and northeast regions of the city.

The project locations include the following streets:

  • Cabrillo Avenue (Ensenada to Capistrano)
  • Capistrano Avenue (West Mall to Lewis)
  • Dolores Avenue (San Anselmo to San Jacinto)
  • Ensenada Avenue (West End to Via)
  • Magdalena Avenue (Mercedes to end)
  • Magnolia Avenue (Capistrano to end)
  • Mercedes Avenue (Capistrano to Highway 41)
  • Navidad Avenue (El Verano to San Jacinto)
  • Palma Avenue (Traffic Way to Rosario)
  • San Ardo Avenue (Arena to Dolores)
  • Sycamore Road (Miramon to Capistrano)
  • Valentina Avenue (Dolores to Alamo)

Various treatments will be employed, ranging from light resurfacing to complete reconstruction, contingent on the current condition of each roadway segment. Souza Construction has been selected by the City to undertake this significant project, with an estimated completion timeline of approximately five months.


The City and Souza Construction are committed to minimizing inconveniences for residents and other road users during construction. However, some delays are inevitable. Motorists are strongly encouraged to exercise caution, closely follow traffic signage, and allocate extra travel time when passing through construction zones.

Further updates on the project’s progress will be provided as work continues.

2023 F 14 Rehab Project Location Map
F-14 Pavement Rehabilitation Project construction underway