City distributing chips on Traffic Way between Chico Road and Orillas Way

ATASCADERO — In appreciation of community members’ ongoing efforts to beautify their landscape areas and weed control to reduce potential fire risk, the City of Atascadero is hosting a free wood chip giveaway for residents on Saturday, Feb. 19, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The wood chip area is located on Traffic Way between Chico Road and Orillas Way.

Wood chips not only help beautify landscapes, but they also help protect plants and trees from the sun and wind, improve the soil condition and percolation of water into the ground, reduce stormwater runoff and suppress weeds. Atascadero’s Parks Division uses the same wood chips in parks and open space areas all around the city to suppress weeds, conserve water and promote healthy landscapes. Staff will be on hand with a loader for those who bring a truck and trailer.

While two-way traffic will be maintained during the event, residents picking up wood chips must use the northbound lane on Traffic Way. Traffic Way’s northbound shoulder will be used temporarily to load the wood chips in resident vehicles. The sidewalk immediately adjacent to the area will be temporarily closed. During the event, motorists shu plan for delays on Traffic Way.