ATASCADERO — Starting Monday, Oct. 30, a section of San Marcos Road will be temporarily closed to facilitate the San Marcos Road Repair and Stabilization Project. This critical project aims to address damage caused by the January 2023 storms, which led to the failure of a road section approximately ¼ miles south of Los Altos Road. 

Here are the key details:

  • Closure Duration: The road closure is expected to begin on Oct. 30 and will remain in effect for approximately two months.
  • Project Objective: The primary goal of the project is to construct a soldier pile retaining wall along the western (downhill) edge of San Marcos Road to stabilize the affected area.
  • Location: The construction site is situated at the location of the road damage, which is ¼ miles south of Los Altos Road. A map is available for reference.
  • Impact on Residents: The closure is not anticipated to significantly impact local residents as alternate routes to properties on both sides of the project site are available. Traffic signage will be placed to guide drivers to these alternative routes.
  • Project Description: In addition to the soldier pile retaining wall, the project involves earthwork, installation of metal beam guardrails, and the reconstruction of the roadway.
  • Background: The road damage occurred during heavy rains and subgrade saturation in January 2023, resulting in a landslide adjacent to 11285 San Marcos Road. This led to the loss of approximately 40 linear feet of the west (southbound) lane of the roadway and destabilization of an additional 145 linear feet of the southbound lane.
  • Awarding of the Project: The Atascadero City Council awarded the San Marcos Road Repair and Stabilization Project to Souza Construction during their regular meeting on Aug. 30.
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San Marcos Road closure for Repair and Stabilization Project