Upcoming bond projects include a new campus center on Cuesta College’s San Luis Obispo campus

SAN LUIS OBISPO — The Measure, L Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, released its 2020 Annual Report, which was presented and accepted by the San Luis Obispo County Community College Board of Trustees at their June meeting.

Measure L is a $275 million general obligation bond voted on by San Luis Obispo County voters in November 2014 that authorizes funding for new construction projects, needed repairs, and upgrades. 

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is an independent group of community members tasked with reviewing expenditure reports and ensuring that the District expends bond proceeds for the purposes set forth by Measure L.


The committee reviewed the Independent Auditor’s Report for the financial statements of the general obligation bonds and a Performance Audit Report for the fiscal year ending Jun. 30. It concluded that the District “has properly accounted for the expenditures held in the General Obligation Bond Fund (Measure L) and that such expenditures were made for authorized Bond projects.”

“The future looks bright for the San Luis Obispo County Community College District with facilities improved to provide a quality education and life experience,” said committee chair Dr. Gil Stork. “The contribution of Cuesta College to the county is enormous, and the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is proud to be part of this most beneficial program.”

The report provides project updates, including the completion of the R & B Shultz Early Childhood Education Building on the North County campus, road improvements, and upgrades to ADA compliance, HVAC, roofing, and technology.

Upcoming bond projects include a new campus center on Cuesta College’s San Luis Obispo campus and conceptual design and construction of new signage and wayfinding for the District.

“Cuesta College continues to champion student success through its improvement of District facilities, increasing our ability to provide a safe and technology forward learning environment for all students,” said Cuesta College Superintendent, President Dr. Jill Stearns.

Find out more about Measure L updates and information at cuestacollegebond.info