SAN LUIS OBISPO — State Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) announced Wednesday that he will be donating 10% of his October State Assembly salary to Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans (CCVHV), a local organization dedicated to helping the 45,000 veterans living locally.

“Our military heroes risked everything to fight for our country and protect our freedoms. These men and women deserve our support and access to the best resources to help them transition back to civilian life,” said Cunningham. “The Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans organization plays a critical role in helping our local veterans, and does great work with their mentorship and home healthcare programs. I am grateful for CCVHV’s dedication to helping our local heroes, and glad to help this organization fulfill its mission.”

In June, Cunningham announced that he would be donating 10% of his salary to local Central Coast nonprofits in response to many state employees being forced to take a 10% pay cut.

In July, Cunningham donated 10% of his salary to SLO LEAF to help officers shot during a manhunt in Paso Robles. In August, Cunningham donated 10% of his salary to the Santa Barbara County Food Bank. In September, Cunningham donated 10% of his salary to Aspire Academy, a career technical education program dedicated to getting more young women interested in public safety careers.