Bruce Gibson secured the Supervisor seat with less than 20 votes over Bruce Jones

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — The County Clerk-Recorder has received a request from Ms. Darcia Stebbens to halt the recount process for the District 2, Supervisorial contest. 

The results were certified by the election officials and sent to the Secretary of State on Wednesday, Dec. 7, which declared Bruce Gibson the District 2 Supervisor — winning by less than 20 votes over competitor Bruce Jones. A manual recount for District 2 Supervisor was submitted on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, and the elections official had seven days to start the recount process, which started taking place on Monday, Dec. 19. 

According to SLO County Clerk-Recorder Elana Cano, Elections Code 15626 requires the elections official to continue the recount on a daily basis, pending the receipt of the advance daily deposit (see Elections Code 15624). California Code of Regulations, Title 2 section 20815 (g), states that “If the advance deposit is not paid by a particular requestor, the elections official will terminate the recount of precincts specified by that requestor.”


Because of this notification from Ms. Stebbens and that the daily deposit was not received, the recount process for the District 2 contest that was requested is hereby terminated immediately.

Cano said, “I am incredibly grateful to all of the election staff and observers who gave their time unselfishly to this process.”