Dr. Anika Moore ordered to pay $25,000 in penalties by the court

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — District Attorney Dan Dow has announced a settlement in the case involving Dr. Anika Moore for her role in the unlawful supervision of Nurse Practitioner Sarah Erny, who misrepresented herself as “Dr. Sarah.” This settlement marks a crucial step in ensuring compliance with California’s laws regarding medical supervision and patient care.

Moore has agreed to pay $25,000 in penalties following allegations of improper oversight of Erny, who operated an independent medical office in Arroyo Grande, prescribing controlled substances without Moore’s knowledge for a period of two years.

The investigation uncovered that Moore, who practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Massachusetts at the time, accepted the role of supervising physician for Erny in 2018. However, Moore’s involvement was limited, as she only briefly reviewed the collaboration agreement and did not actively oversee Erny’s practice. Moore claimed she was unaware of Erny’s independent practice and the extent of her prescribing activities, including controlled substances like testosterone.


Assistant District Attorney Eric Dobroth emphasized the professional commitment undertaken by supervising physicians, highlighting the importance of adherence to California’s requirements. Moore’s failure to adequately supervise Erny’s practice led to potential risks to patient safety and violated state regulations.

Though Moore does not admit liability, the stipulated civil judgment requires her to pay $25,000 in civil penalties and mandates compliance with California laws for any future supervisory relationships with registered nurses in the state.

This case underscores the critical role of regulatory oversight in ensuring patient safety and upholding the standards of medical practice. It was investigated by the Department of Consumer Affairs and the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Bureau of Investigation, with prosecution led by Deputy District Attorney Kenneth Jorgensen.

For more information about the consumer protection laws or to report suspected violations contact the California Department of Consumer Affairs Consumer Assistance Line toll-free at (800) 952-5210 or visit their website at dca.ca.gov/. Hearing-impaired persons may call TTY (800) 326-229. 

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