Local photographer Lori Sortino wrote that she “simply felt called to do this project.” She identifies herself as a “philosographer” as she puts a philosophical viewpoint to her projects.

The following video is her photo journal series called “Class of 2020: Graduating at Home”

We are living in a time where the preciousness of life is coming into focus.
Living through this time is entering the consciousness of all of us
Causing us to live more from our hearts.
– Lee Harris

Graduate Stories Summary

We are members of the Graduating Class of 2020; impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic caused closing of campuses in March 2020.  We were all surprised by the sudden change in our lives, saddened by the loss of the plans, events, and celebrations we were expecting.  Still, we made the best of our situation and we’ve come through graduation with a renewed and deep appreciation for family, friends, health, and home.

Artist’s Statement

I simply felt called to do this project.  What a privilege to be invited to these people’s homes (into their yards at least) to interview and photograph the Graduate and hear about their experience.  One of the ways we process major events is to speak about our journey through them and hear ourselves – affirming meaning and honoring what we went through.  It was an honor to serve in this way and this experience touched me deeply.  I hope you enjoy their stories and the images I have created.*


Lori Sortino, Philosographer  (recording events from a particular philosophical viewpoint).

*Stories and Additional Images are available for exhibit or for media publication. Releases have been signed by all participants.  Contact Lori Sortino.

Participating Graduates who Sheltered in Place on the Central Coast of California (San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties):

  • Cole Koscheka
  • Marco Perez
  • Elizabeth Peck
  • Hannah N. Williams
  • Zane Warren 
  • Delaney Black
  • Paige Coburn
  • Morgan Moretti
  • Suzannie Marshall
  • Kayla DeBlau
  • Shaley Gunther
  • Grant Thacker
  • Jacob Thacker
  • Megan Fisher
  • Cassandra Olivar-Cárdenas 
  • Andrew Pericic
  • Kyle Pericic
  • Isaiah Rodriguez 
  • Cameron Whicker 
  • Mitchel Savery-Orton 
  • Ian Strain
  • Evan Asplund
  • Brady Eck
  • Janice Palacios