Trustees pass Resolution #18-22-23, Delegating Power to the Superintendent to enter into Specified Contracts

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero Unified School District (AUSD) met for its regularly scheduled school board meeting on Tuesday, April 18, at 7 p.m. The meeting took place in person at the Kenneth Beck Building. Since August 2022, the district has remained with in-person meetings only, without a live streaming option. Trustee Matt Pennon was absent from the meeting.

Atascadero High School (AHS) Band Instructor Nate Conrad, The Board of Trustees, and the administration recognized AHS students for being County Honor Band recipients. Those students were Hosea Price, Simeon Fely, William Pierce, Tate Pflum, Sebastian Marano, and Amanda Long, who was also the All-State Honor Band recipient.

During Oral Communications from the Public, parent Heather Young asked for an update on the audio and visual equipment that will be used to livestream the school board meetings. Superintendent Tom Butler responded that the district is still waiting for two or three parts to arrive but that the district is also anxious to start the livestream up again.


Trustee Vy Pierce asked to pull item 11.12, the Work Experience Education Plan, when the Consent Agenda came before the Trustee Board. She then asked for the Work Experience Program to be explained.

Assistant Superintendent E.J. Rossi explained that the plan is brought before the board every three years. It includes the students procuring their own jobs and learning about employment law, taxes, working conditions, and more. When the district asked if they should help secure jobs for the students, Rossi replied that students finding their own job is part of the course.

Trustee Rebekah Koznek pulled item 11.3, Board Approval of Purchase Orders, Vendor Warrants, and Payroll Warrants. She had many questions, including the replacement of vehicles on school property. It was stated that most vehicles are driven until they can no longer be used, and that is when they are replaced. 

After questions from the Trustee Board were answered, the Consent Agenda passed unanimously.

Resolution #16-22-23 Year-End Transfer Authorization was presented to the Trustee Board by Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Jackie Martin. She added that it is an annual requirement that grants her the authority to see each bill is paid before she closes the books in July and August. The motion passed unanimously.

Resolution #17-22-23 Temporary Borrowings Between Funds Fiscal Year 2023-24 also passed unanimously.

Martin then presented Resolution #18-22-23, Delegating Power to the Superintendent to enter into Specified Contracts. The item comes before the board every other year and is good for two years. The resolution allows the district to conduct business while continuing to operate and pay its bills. The motion also passed unanimously.

There was then a Public Hearing on Resolution #19-22-23 Education Protection Account for 2023-24, which Martin also presented. The item requires a public hearing every year, and all funds are only used for instructional purposes and funding teachers’ salaries.

The next regularly scheduled school board meeting took place, in person, on Tuesday, May 2, at 7 p.m.